Savnet norsk mann funnet på en uvanlig plass etter én uke.

65 year old Norwegian, Morten Granlund was persuaded to sell his home in Oslo and move to France to invest the money, only to realize it was all a scam.

He lost everything. Morten tried to work his money back by sweeping streets and carrying branded goods, but it wasn’t enough to make up for what she’d lost.

After making his way to France, Morten followed the lead of other people experiencing homelessness—sleeping in a 24-hour McDonald’s.

After finally asking enough for enough money, Morten found someone to help his contact his sibling, Jonathan.

Surprisingly, in this digital age, it was rather difficult for Morten to find any of his relatives’ phone numbers or even their Facebooks at his age.

Luckily enough, his brother Jonathan flew out to France to fly his back home where she belonged.

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